February 2018 Meeting Minutes

Mar 27, 2018 | Meeting Minutes

February Pure Country 4H General Meeting

February 28, 2018

Call to Order at 7:02 p.m.

Pledges and Welcome

Minutes – Minutes from last month meeting were distributed via email and the new website.

A motion was made and 2nd to approve the minutes from January as published. Motion passed

Treasurers Report- Motion was made and 2nd to accept the treasurers report as read. Motion passed.

Breakout Committee Reports –

  1. Executive/Education-We made a call out to any leaders that would like to educate/teach or give a workshop.
  1. Fundraising- This is an important part of our club. There is an opt out participation for $20 per kid, or $30 for families with more than one kid, (a fantastic deal) You can always donate more if you want. Talked about doing a pre cooked brisket raffle.
  2. Record books/Demos- We are still looking for someone who wants to give a demonstration on

“How to give a demonstration” to the whole club. We want the older kids to help teach the younger kids. Prizes were given to the first demonstrations given in each age division at the club and project level. Prizes will also be given to the first to turn in completed record book.

  1. Celebrations- Talked about the end of the year carnival to celebrate all our hard work. And an ice cream bar like last year.
  2. Community Service- For Earth day we are talking about participating in Coast Savers Beach Cleanup day the day is April 21st

Remember each 4her must participate in a community service project to be eligible for fair.

  1. Petting Pens- June 16th will be our first petting pen at Dungeness Valley Creamery. Sign ups will be done online in May.
  2. PA Classic-  We need a committee to help plan the classic, if you’re interested please let us know.

Unfinished Business- none

New Business- We talked about doing fruit box sales as a fundraiser for Clallam Co. 4h extension. Approximately $22-$24 per case of fruit. We voted to consider doing it only if the 4h leaders council would give some funds back to the club.

Record book check at the NEXT general meeting Wed. March 28th. Bring your record books so Ivy and Kim can check your progress on your record books and help guide you if you have questions. We will be checking for: All dividers and pages in order, coverpage for all projects started/completed, first part of project goals started/completed, 4h calendar and activity log are started, project inventory started and project expenses are started.

All those participating in the Jr. Livestock auction make sure and watch for all mandatory requirements and dates!


Officer Reports:


Vice President



Leaders Reports:

General Leader

Bring record books next meeting

Vacant Project Leader positions – Sewing leader still needed. Looking for a Llama leader too.

Project Leaders need to remember to check the website and make sure all meeting dates and times and contacts are correct. Also add purecountry4h@gmail.com to correspondence to the project kids.

Record Books – Available online check our website or the Clallam County extension website

Exploring 4-H
Rabbits and Cavies
Sewing and Textiles

There were 2 demonstrations given at this meeting. How to do a record book and the 6 Uses of a rabbit.

Adjournment 8:02

We had awards for whoever did a demonstration.

Pure Country 4-H

4th Thursdays, 7 PM.
Fairview Bible Church.
Contact leadership before meetings to be sure dates, locations, or times haven’t changed.

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