Becky O’Connor –

Know Your Government is a county-wide project open to members of all clubs. We thought we would offer some information here for club members who are interested.


Additional Information:
Know Your Government (KYG) is a civic education program with a four-year rotating topic:  The Legislative System, The Judicial System, Elections and Party Platforms, and Politics and the Media. This year we will explore the topic of elections and party platforms. It is important to remember though, that KYG is much more than learning different ways to vote or the purpose of political parties.  In fact, one could argue that it is little about that.  KYG and 4-H are about learning the life skills our delegates will need to be responsible citizens and productive adults.  The conference is an opportunity for delegates to practice the skills they have learned, apply their knowledge to unknown situations and reflect on how they did.

More information on the KYG program can be found on the WSU website.